How to use AddEntry from a fitting function

Hello everybody,

I was looking over the forums some answer related to my post, but i didn’t see something that could help me at all. Sorry if didn’t do well!!!

I just want to add an entry in a legend with the right color, getting it from a fit. Mi code is:
// I’m plotting some graphs in different canvas, so I’m changging color of them.

      gra1 = new TGraph (800, xtupleg->GetV2 (), xtupleg->GetV1 ());
      gra1->SetLineColor (1 + nextcolor);
      gra1->Draw ("apl");
      gra1->Fit ("pol1", "", "", 100, 350);          
        pol1->SetLineColor (1 + nextcolor);
        leg = new TLegend(.7,.7,.9,.9);
        leg -> AddEntry(gra1,fn->GetString(),"l");  <<--This is fine!!
        [color=red]leg -> AddEntry(pol1,"Fitting ...." ,"l");     <<---Here is my problem[/color]
        leg -> Draw();
      gra1->SetTitle (fn->GetString());

All the lines fitted had the same color. This problem doesn’t appear when I put a constant number instead of 1 + nextcolor.

Many thanks in advanced

Please forget it… I saw mi error.

It was about the declaration of Tlegend inside the loop


Actually, the reason is related to the answer from Rene: