How to uninstall Root completely, fresh install of Root 5.34.26 on Windows 10

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ROOT Version: 5.34.26
Platform: Windows 10
Compiler: Visual Studio 19

I installed Root on windows 10 (successfully) But Root wants to open the wrong folder area. I originally had a working folder on my desktop. I moved the folder to the C drive. When I double click on a .ROOT file in the working folder on C: , root wakes up. But if I want to access the file Root still thinks it is in the original folder on the desktop. I uninstalled/deleted everything about ROOT I could find/rebooted/reinstalled Root, but it still thinks the file is in the desktop folder. There must be some logical pointer that was set that the uninstall does not clear?
Thanks for any help, Jim

I solved this myself. There was no problem with any remaining logical pointer from root. It was “pilot error” :slight_smile:

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