How to uninstall root cleanly for the snap version

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I have recently installed ROOT on my Ubuntu machine by using the snap method (Installing ROOT - ROOT). Now, I want to uninstall this current version and reinstall it with the build from source method. Is there a way to do this cleanly? I tried to remove the root-framework from the /snap directory, but it did not work since there are quite a number of read-only files there.

Hi @Henry_Billiot ,
this is really more a snap question than a ROOT question, but duckduckgo gets me e.g.

I hope this helps!


Sorry for the naive question. I did not think to look into that, but your first link solved my issue. Thank you.

The snap doesn’t actually set much in terms of system state, it should be possible to have it installed alongside any other ROOT installation and not expect interference, explicitly if you called or conda activate, etc, the snap would be effectively entirely supressed entirely and you could swap at will.

But yes, snap remove is the way to do it, aside from any temporary caches that will be cleaned up by the system automatically, it’s fully comprehensive and won’t leave any remnants that might complicate other installation methods.

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