How to understand the Garfield++ code

How to understand the three codes in the below

cout<<"electron position:"<< xe <<"\t"<< ye <<"\t"<< ze <<endl;
cout<<"clusters number: "<<counts<<endl;
std::vector<double> xf;

The first line prints out three variables xe, ye, ze, the second line prints out a variable counts, the third line creates an std::vector.

Note that these lines are just plain C++ and not specific to Garfield++.
If you struggle with understanding what these lines do, I recommend starting with a tutorial to familiarise yourself with the basics of C++.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I have seen a example about the proton track using Garfield++, there are these codes in the example, so I just want to confirm what it means to get a better understanding.
Thanks again for your help

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