How to track a pair of particles in garfield

I want to track an event in He-3 proportional counter, in other words, a pair of proton and triton simultaneously. And the signal is the combined induced signals of the two particles. How can I realize this case?

I have no problem to track a proton or a triton, but if I created two HeedTracks for the two particles and use the same ViewDrift, then I got run-time error:
void MatterDef::verify(const String& fname, const String& fnotation): ERROR:
cannot initialize two matters with the same name or notation
name=He-3/CO2 notation=He-3/CO2
FunNameStack: s_init=1 qname=1
0 void MatterDef::verify(const String& fname, const String& fnotation)

I am not sure what went wrong. Can anyone give me a hint? I really appreciate.


this is a question for garfiled experts.

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