How to tell if a TSelector is a client or a worker

ROOT Version: 6.18/02
Platform: CentOS 6.10
Compiler: gcc 9.1.0

The title kind of says it all. Is there a way to tell whether a TSelector is a client or a worker? I would like to make some of the overloaded functions behave differently for a worker than for a client.

SlaveBegin() is guaranteed to only be called on the workers - you could simply set a flag in there. Would that solve it? (I’m not sure about your nomenclature “client” vs “worker” - Proof usually uses the awkward and antiquated words “master” and “slave”, and did a bit of a migration to “client” (for the user process) and “server” (for the parallel processing processes).

Cheers, Axel.

Thanks Alex. I will create a flag and set it in SlaveBegin(). I simply wasn’t sure if such a flag was already implemented.

As for the terminology, I simply copied it from the table in

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