How to suppress verbosity of TFileMerger?

Dear Root Experts,

What would be the quickest/most elegant way to suppress (at the level of macro) the following example information coming out of TFileMerger during the merging procedure:

This information is printed on the screen by default during merging. However, I didn’t find this information neither informative nor useful (nor as a matter of fact funny :wink:). The point is that I am using macro based on TFileMerger utility regularly to merge a very large amount of Root files and I am ending up constantly with a very large number of above pretty much useless lines on the screen.



alas, in the current version this cannot be turned off. I’ve fixed this in the trunk version of ROOT where in TFileMerger::AddFile() you can specify if you want to have progress feedback for that file or not. Alternatively you could create the merger with the option isLocal=kFALSE in which case the files are not copied locally before merging (and hence you will not get this message). See however if the performance impact of this is a problem for you.

Cheers, Fons.