How to stack multiple ComponentAnalyticField?

Hi all,

I am working on creating multiple planes each a different potential on them and plotting the weighted field. I am currently planning on doing this by stacking multiple ComponentAnalyticFields that I created.
I am unsure on to do the stacking, if someone could help me out it would much appreciated.

I have some code below of what I am doing for the weighted field. I have two ComponentAnalyticFields created that I would like to stack(wField1 & wField2).

  // Plot the weighting potential if requested.
  constexpr bool plotWeightingField = true;
  if (plotWeightingField) {
    ViewField* wfieldView = new ViewField(); 
    wfieldView->SetArea(-0.005, 0, 0.005, 0.01);
    wfieldView->PlotContourWeightingField("strip", "v");

I think @hschindl can help

Apologies for the delay. Maybe you could use this example as a starting point:

Thanks for the help.

My understanding from this example is that were just stacking strips on already existing planes. Are we able to define the potential for each of these strips as well as set the distance apart from each strip?

Sebastian Regener

the strips are used only for computing the weighting field, they have no impact on the “real” electric field in the chamber. In other words, the strips are at the same potential as the corresponding plane.

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