How to set up the attributes of a palette?

Before setting up the attributes of a palette, the code below was used to get the Axis of the palette,
TPaletteAxis* palette=(TPaletteAxis*)h2->FindObject(“palette”);
but it failed, from the output comment, it showed palette was a nullptr.
but from result file, there is a palette member in TH2D class pointer “h2”, it is shown below:

so how to set up the attributes of a palette?
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ROOT Version: 6.28/04
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04
Compiler: GCC 9.4.0


what exactly do you want to do with the palette that you need to get its axis? What is the end goal?

Did you add


as stated in the Docs?

@dastudillo , thanks, after implement “gPad->Update()”, everything works well!

@yus , i want to add a title(include physics quantity and units) to the palette.

I don’t think you need to manipulate with the TPaletteAxis for this, you just need to do

h2->GetZaxis()->SetTitle("Energy [GeV]")

@yus , yes, you are right, thanks!

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