How to set charge/cluster density along the track manually?

Dear Garfield++ experts,


As described in title, what I am trying to do is setting the charge/cluster density at different positions along the track manually (I am simulating the detector response to a Two Photon Absorption (TPA) event in Diamond/silicon detector, and we have the data of generated charge density along the track from experiment), is that possible somehow?

I found that “TrackSimple” allows for a manual setting of charge density, but that density is constant along the track: If I can set the length of tracks manually, a series of short tracks connected tail-to-head may also be a mimic of a track with changing charge density… Is this possible?

@hschindl Thanks for your help!


Hi @Hua-Zhen_Li,
thanks for reaching out!
To my understanding, your question is more related to Garfield++ rather than ROOT.


Ahh Sorry for the mistake (I forgot to check before posting), and thanks for editing the region to Garfield.


I think that @hschindl can help with this!

yes, you can place electron/hole pairs manually. Just simulate electron and hole drift lines from a set of coordinates along your track. If there is a specific distribution or physics model that you have in mind, we can also try to implement a dedicated function for that…

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