How to set axis title offset

i tried with
TGraph gr_betaa(atmosphere->GetNO(), atmosphere->GetBetaAerosol(), atmosphere->GetHeight());
gr_betaa.GetYaxis()->SetTitle(“h [m]” );
gr_betaa.GetXaxis()->SetTitle("#beta aerosol");

but it does not do anything…


You can set different axis options via provided user interface. In the canvas window you can activate the graphics editor via View menu / Editor. The editor will appear on the left of the canvas window and will provide user interface according to the selected object in the canvas window. Click on the axis with left mouse button to make it the selected and use the GUI to set different axis title options/parameters. You can see the picture of axis editor at Once you are happy with all settings, you can save the canvas in a macro and investigate the generated code.

Best regards, Ilka

thank you very much…i got it