How to set a electrode in the ComponentAnsys123 Class

I have imported the model from the ansys to the Garfield++, and the most important part of my model is some gas area including the electric field, now I want to get the signal from the electrode, what should I do to add the plane or strip to be the electrode and convolute the induced current pulse with the transfer function? I just found some method in the ComponentAnalyticField class. the code is like below

cmp.AddWire(0., 0., 2 * rWire, vWire, "s");
sensor.AddElectrode(&cmp, "s");

You need to provide a weighting potential for the electrode, see this page.
The recipe for adding a weighting potential to ComponentAnsys123 can be found here.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
These pages are really useful. I will learn it and then try.

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