How to run tutorials/eve on Linux with remote console

Dear all.

I try to run tutorials/eve/arrow.C on Linux(root version:5.26/00e)
with remote console(X11 forwarding).
Then GUI(“Eve Main Window”) get started in monitor.
However, No images rendered in “Viewer1”.(but “Eve” tab shows “Elements”.)
Any other tutorials/eve/*.C are too.
I can run tutorials/eve/arrow.C on winXP(root version:5.22/00).
Why I could not run the tutorials on Linux?
Do I have Library, PC configure, or other problems?

Server OS : RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
ROOT : 5.26/00e
Client OS :winXP

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

ssh -X
ssh -Y
ssh -X -Y

Hallo Pepe Le Pew

As your advice, I checked XForwarding.
My X Windows server dose not support OpenGL.
I installed OpenGL supported X Windows server.
Then, I can ran tutorials/eve/arrow.C.

Thank you very much for your advice.

Thank you.