How to run the Example "lem" to obtain the induced signal

Hi hschindl,

I try to run the example “garfieldpp/Examples/Elmer/lem” to obtain the induced signal, however, the result file is always blank whatever I tried.
Here are my modified lines comparing to original files:

  1. gas->SetPressure(160.)[reduce gas pressure to simply increase the gain];
    2.elm->SetWeightingField(“gemcell/gemcell_WTlel.result”, “wtlel”); [remove the original comment].
    3.sensor->AddElectrode(elm, “wtlel”); [remove the original comment].
    4.sensor->SetTimeWindow(0., tEnd / nsBins, nsBins);[remove the original comment].

Could you please help me to check why it is not work?
Thank you very much.

Best regards,

does the program work as expected if you don’t make any modifications to it?
I don’t think the weighting field map (gemcell_WTlel.result) is included in the repository, so I believe you would need to (re-)run Elmer to produce it.

Hi, hschindl,

Thank you for reminding, there is indeed no weighting field map (gemcell_WTlel.result ), I tried to re-run all director within Elmer, however, no field map (‘gemcell_WTlel.result’)was generated. Is this file imported from external files?

Best wishes

To produce a weighting field map, you need to change the boundary conditions, applying 1 V to the electrode to be read out and 0 V to the others and resolve. See section 2.5 in this note for a more detailed explanation/recipe.

Thank you very much for your useful information, I’ll try it.

Best wishes.

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