How to run on a subset of entries with preselection string


How would it be possible to include a range of events while using string-formatted presection that is then used to run on an input .root ?

I mean, the preselection looks like

p=processor("./",fnames,"Jet_pt>MIN && Jet_pt<MAX","")

so how would it be possible to include a range of the tree->GetEntries() ie something that would act like this ?

p=processor("./",fnames,"Jet_pt>MIN && Jet_pt<MAX && tree->GetEntries()<1000","")


What tools does processor uses for its implementation? (The best would be to add a parameter to pass the limit directly to the underlying tools). If the tool used in TTree::Draw/Scan/TTreeFormula, then you can try Entry$ < 1000

Thanks, indeed the Entry$ < 1000 is what I was looking for!

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