How to run and debug in visual studio 2019

Hello everyone, I am a novice on root, I successfully installed root using Binary distributions root_v6.24.00.win32.vc16.debug.exe on Windows 10, and it works very well.

Now I have two questions. The first is how root runs in vs2019, and the second is that I found some Program Debug Database (.pdb) files in C:\root_v6.24.00\bin, but I don’t know how to debug in vs2019

_ROOT Version:v6.24.00
_Platform:windows 10
Compiler: Not Provided

** Visual Studio 2019 Developer Command Prompt v16.4.6
** Copyright (c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation
[vcvarsall.bat] Environment initialized for: 'x86'


C:\Users\bellenot>devenv /debugexe root.exe


With the same command: devenv /debugexe root.exe
That will open Visual Studio from where you can start debugging