How to resize the frame of Graphs?

Hello, everyone.

I have a basic question; How can I resize the frame of graphs?

I’d like a large font label (and title) to make it easier to read in graphs. But when I just use SetLabelSize(), the labels overflow the canvas and cannot be printed correctly. Please find the attached figure (above).

I know I can resize the frame in GUI mode (see the figure (below)), but I’d like to make an amount of graphs with the same frame size.
Please tell me how can I make it with root commands.

Thank you for your cooperation.


When you have this type of problem, generate the code corresponding
to your canvas via mycanvas->Print(“mycanvas.C”) and see the code
changing the margins. In your case, you should call
gPad->SetLeftMargin(margin); //with eg margin=0.15
The function setLeftMargin is in TAttPad.
You can also call