How to read second rank array using TTreeReader

_ROOT Version:6.14

I was using TTreeReader to read a tree from produced Ntuple file. Where a quantity defined as array of second rank (i.e. vertex_Index[100][100]). To access array of rank one I can use TTreeReaderArray, But this is not working in second rank array.
Could you please suggest a method of accessing it by TTreeReader.

That’s currently unsupported - and we know that’s terrible: we expect to have it fixed in 2019!

Currently, your best option is to use SetBranchAddress() for that branch.

Cheers, Axel.

Hi Axel,

Thank you for your response. I usually using SetBranchAddress() class, but unfortunately for a high number of branches are call by SetBranchAddress() is very boring.

Thanks Again,

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