How to plot relative magnitudes

I have recently come up with a set of numbers representing the average value of a physical quantity over a number of components.
For instance:, we have calculated the average Power Density over a number of magnets:

Q1_PD: 0.547928 /* Total Deposited Energy /
Q1_area: 12.48
D Q1_PD_avg: 0.0439045 /
Average Deposited Energy */

Q2a_PD: 0.437762 /* Total Deposited Energy /
Q2a_area: 12.48
Q2a_PD_avg: 0.0350771 /
Average Deposited Energy */

Thin Q2b_PD: 0.33986 /* Total Deposited Energy /
Thin Q2b_area: 12.48
Thin Q2b_PD_avg: 0.0272324 /
Average Deposited Energy */

Thick Q2b_PD: 0.242711 /* Total Deposited Energy /
Thick Q2b_area: 12.48
Thick Q2b_PD_avg: 0.019448 /
Average Deposited Energy */

Q3_PD: 0.279507 /* Total Deposited Energy /
Q3_area: 12.48
Q3_PD_avg: 0.0223964 /
Average Deposted Energy */

From the set set of number above I’ like to plot only the subset "-avg"
where Q1, Q2a, Q2b, Q3 are the name of the components fo rwhich the average Power Density has been calculated through post-processing simulations output data.

My goal is to plot this set of numbers on arbitrary scale and units. What is important is to
render their relativemagnitude.
So far I have learnt how to plot histograms data and graphs data (coordinates).
But the values I have to plot do not constitute a histogram and have no spatial dependence.

I would greatly appreciate some suggestions about creating such a plot with some labels
relating the graphical object to the correspondent component.

Thank you in advance.