How to open a .root file and use Tbrowser

I have a .root file containing some simulation data on my company computing account. how do I move and open it in ROOT and use Tbrowser (I believe Tbrowser is what its called… it shows you all the histograms made from the simulation ect) on my root running home computer

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Hi Connor,
your .root file is a normal digital file, you can move it between computers as you would do with any other file, e.g. with scp (the linux tool) or by uploading it to some cloud storage (e.g. cernbox) and downloading it again.

To open it in a TBrowser, the easiest way is to simply type in a terminal rootbrowser <file.root>.
This is equivalent to opening the root prompt and creating a TBrowser object:

$ root -l
root [0] TBrowser b("file.root");

Hope this helps!

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