How to obtain the TRootBrowser adress from TBrowser


I’m working on a project in which the displays are made using the tabs of the TabRight of the TBrowser. The problem I have is that if I close a Canvas which is drawn by the ExecPlugin method, it does not close the tab wich contains it and it lead to different problems. my question is, how can I access to the TRootbrowser pointer, in order of have an access to the tabs and close them manually. Thanks in advance for the help


Hi Jérémie,

Cheers, Bertrand.

Thank you very much, it perfectly works. I had try lots of things but not this one. A last one, I am using the TTask folder of the root folder in the TBRowser. Do you know how I can do for that the Browser is Open directly on this TFolder and not on the current directory ?

Here is an example:

TTask *mytask = new TTask("mytask", "Dummy TTask Example"); gROOT->GetListOfTasks()->Add(mytask); TBrowser *browser = new TBrowser("Browser", mytask);
Cheers, Bertrand.

Thank you but this is not exactly what I need. With this command, you only browse the created TTask. In my case I want that all the files present in the browser by default still there, but wit the active folder open is the Tasks folder that contains the TTAsks I am creating. I don’t know if my explanations are very understandable…




Great, thank you very much.

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