How to obtain missing h2root

I installed root, version root-6.14.04 some time ago. Now I would need to convert some .rz files, but I discovered that h2root is missing in my installation.
I would like to know whether is possible to obtain h2root without reinstalling root from scratch.
Otherwise, how do i make sure to obtain h2root while I reinstall root?


Welcome to the ROOT forum!
How did you install ROOT? Which platform are you working on?

The usual problem (when configuring and building ROOT) is a missing Fortran compiler (e.g., gfortran) or a missing “-Dall=ON” (or just “-Dfortran=ON”) CMake flag.

I’m working on ubuntu 20 and I installed root from source code

I have a fortran compiler (gfortran) but to be honest I’m not completely sure whether I had it also when I first installed root…

After installing the Fortran compiler, you need to configure and build your ROOT from scratch again (note: when configuring it, you need to use “-Dall=ON” or “-Dfortran=ON”).

You can also try a ROOT Team provided binary distribution for Ubuntu 20, which you just need to download and unpack:;O=A;P=*[uU][bB][uU][nN][tT][uU]*20*

Thanks, that was useful

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