How to not fill just 1 branch from a tree?

suppose i have
t = TTree()
with many branches, b1,…,bn
if i dont want to fill only one branch bi , do I have to fill the n-1 branches with b.Fill()?
cant i disable bi temporarily and use t.Fill() ?
I tried SetBranchStatus(,0) without success for the writing…

Best, Gabriel


As a remainder, we strongly discourage filling the branch unequally. All the usual tools (TTree::Draw, Scan, browsing, even TTree::GetEntry) will most likely be confused.

However, a proper call to SetBranchStatus (remember it’s string argument is match to the branch name using a regular expression and not the hierarchy) should have prevented the fill of the disable branch. So I would need to see your concrete example to be able to determine what is going on.