How to minimize by minimization class

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Hi, I have an input file(including data points, theory value and the error of data points) to calculate chi-square. I want to minimize the chi-square by using a free parameter of data points. How can I use minimization class in root to fid this free parameter.

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@moneta could you please take a look? Thank you in advance!

Sorry, I couldn’t find my answer.

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myntupme.C (4.5 KB)

The error is
Error: Function KinematicFit(minimizer,ds3nc,eds,ds) is not defined in current scope myntupme.C:174:

taking a quick look it seems that KinematicFit accepts 4 pointers as arguments but the last 3 arguments that you are passing at line 174 are doubles, not double pointers. Could that be the problem?

In any case I’m afraid this looks like a bug in your code :confused:

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