How to keep grid drawn even on smaller screens with JSROOT?


We have a few users in ALICE that consider it critical to draw multiple plots in the same histogram (in this example, 16 of them). This works very well when using a normal/large screen, but when they use a smaller screen or browser size, JSROOT will not display the grid anymore.
I have tried to pass as drawing option gridx, gridy but I still do not get those drawn.

Is there a drawing option that the users could set to always display the grid, even in smaller sizes?

I have attacked one of the ROOT objects in question and some screenshots with the behaviour.

JSROOT version: 7.7.1

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Grid Missing Screenshot:

Grid Present Screenshot:

TObject_1663698202843.root (8 KB)

Hi George,

Yes there is settings.SmallPad object.

If pad size smaller then many components (axis labels, ticks, grids) will not be drawn.

To change it:

import { settings } from '';

settings.SmallPad.width = settings.SmallPad.height = 5;

Hi @linev ,

Thank you for the hint! I confirm it is what I needed.

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