How to issue TSelector input argument when not running proof

Dear all,

I am searching for a way to give an input argument to my TSelector class when I am not running in PROOF. I saw a thread posted earlier that when in PROOF one can do something like:

gProof->AddInput(new TNamed(“outputfile”,“outputfile.root”));

But this does not work if I run my TSelector class out of PROOF, but just in ROOT.

Is there any way of inputing my argument into my TSelector class?

(Had this post on PROOF forum first, then moved it to ROOT support)


Dear Maiken,

This is a known issue and we are working to a solution to make local and PROOF processing fully transparent in the general case.

Currently you have to options to input parameters in the local case:

  1. Initialize your selector by yourself (using TSelector::GetSelector()), create
    a list with your parameters and use TSelector::SetInputList to communicate to the selector. You
    have then to use the TTree::Process(TSelector *, …) method to process it.
    Note that this way of doing is not available in PROOF.

  2. Add your objects to the gDirectory list and get them from there in your selector; if, in your selector, you test both fInputList and gDirectory for the input parameters then this may be a way to have the same code running locally and PROOF.

G. Ganis

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I will try this.