How to interpret stat box in TProfile2D


I am using a TProfile2D, in 5.18, and I don’t know how to interpret the stat box when I set “111111” as stat option.

I got: Entries = 2618381 which is what I expect compared to the number of times I have called “Fill”

In the underflow/overflow box I have:

603 / 42265 / 0
825666 / 17494983 / 0
0 / 0 / 0

so, the number in the central cell is larger than the total number of events and I have entries in the first column which I don’t know if they have to be intepreted as entries with an underflow in the x variables: I do not expect any but before looking for a bug in my code I want to be sure I have understood this table.

                                          Thanks in advance and cheers


Hi Andrea,

The number shown in the underflow/overflow box for a TProfile2D is the sum of the bin contents and not the entries.
For a TProfile probably they do not make mush sense. It would be probably better to display the number of entries in the underflow/overflow bins, since this information is available, while for the TH1 or TH2 is not kept.