How to install ROOT6 on Windows

Hello, is there any place where I could find the way how to install ROOT6 on Windows? On Building ROOT, we find mainly information for Unix-like systems.
I read several posts about Windows and ROOT6 but nothing clear to me.

I guess downloading root_v6.16.00.win32.vc15.exe and installing it is not enough. I read that Visual Studio is needed. Could you write somewhere which version of Visual Studio are required? In addition, I know that only ROOT 32-bits is supported but it can work on Windows 64-bits. Does it mean we need to install Visual Studio 32-bits in order to use ROOT 32-bits?

If you could centralise these informations (and probably other) somewhere, it would be really helpful.

There is a Windows paragraph on the Release 6.16/00 page, but you’re right, we have to update the information. And yes, you have to install Visual Studio and the Windows 10 SDK on your computer. I would suggest to wait for ROOT v6.18.00 and install Visual Studio 2019, since Visual Studio 2017 has an internal compiler error and is not supported anymore…

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