How to install root6.22 on win10 platform from source?

I want to use vs2019 and cmake3.18 to install root 6.22-06, the configuration done and ROOT.sln file are generated correctly, after opening the .sln file using vs2019,too many projections are generated, the .png figure show a little projections, which one shauld i use to finish the install?

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ROOT Version: 6.22-06
Platform: win10
Compiler: vs2019

First, make sure you configured for Win32, and not Win64 (which is not supported yet), then, the easiest way is to compile from the x86 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2019, by typing

cmake --build . --config Release

(or --config Debug for the Debug mode) in the build directory containing the solution file (ROOT.sln).
Note that if you have a version of Visual Studio 2019 greater or equal to 16.8, ROOT will not compile, you will have to wait for the next version, with the upgrade of LLVM.

And if you search the forum, you will find several topics about ROOT on Windows, like for example this one: Compiling ROOT on Windows 10


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