How to install ROOT with python2 using Homebrew?

The default command brew install root installs ROOT with a dependency on python v3.x.
I’ve tried brew install root --without-python --with-python@2 but this command no longer works because homebrew has apparently removed options: I get the error Error: invalid option: --without-python, and when I try brew info root indeed the only available option is --HEAD.

What is the current way to install ROOT using Homebrew with a dependency on Python 2.x instead of Python 3.x?


Unless one of the Homebrew experts (@jonesc ?) replies: you’re probably better off asking that question with the Homebrew folks, who maintain the Homebrew ROOT package.

Cheers, Axel.

I use MacPorts, not Homebrew…

If you want to switch to MacPorts, then

sudo port install root6 +python27

will work fine.

Oops, sorry, @jonesc !

Hi @Axel, thanks for your reply. Since options are not supported by Homebrew anymore, they don’t claim any responsibility. It seems that the way to go about it now is to create a custom tap (third party repository) for the option, so if one doesn’t already exist and is shared among the community, a user would have to create one for themselves. Unfortunately this makes using Homebrew to install ROOT with a non-default option unnecessarily more complicated than previously… So I might just find an alternative.

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