How to include own classes in Proof CollectionTree

I guess it is a trivial question, but failed to include my own classes into the CollectionTree class.

Lets assume my class is named CDemo with the corresponding files CDemo.h and CDemo.cxx. I include them in CollectionTree.h via #include “CDemo.h” and create an object as a member variable of CollectionTree.

In root I compile CDemo via “.L CDemo.cxx++” which works fine. In a second step I run the proof-marco (which compiles the CollectionTree class). So far so good.

The problem occurs if I want to run proof: I get the following errors in the log-files (here only one example):

/scratch/.tmp/pool/proofbox/session-81836-24247/worker-0.17-lx53/./fileLWonlX.o: In function CollectionTree2::~CollectionTree2()': fileLWonlX.cxx:(.text._ZN15CollectionTree2D0Ev[CollectionTree2::~CollectionTree2()]+0x28): undefined reference toCDemo::~CDemo()’

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Could you try by loading the class in PROOF via


before processing? (‘proof’ is the TProof instance, i.e. what returned by TProof::Open(…))

The file CDemo.cxx (and the correspondent CDemo.h) are searched for in the current directory, and the class is loaded on the cluster and locally (so the “.L CDemo.cxx++” is not needed).

Gerri Ganis