How to Get track trajectories in Heed+ or ViewDrift

Dear experts

I want to calculate the Distance of Closest Approach between track and sense wire, so the trajectory of track is needed in the magnetic field. I found in the source code of ViewDrift there is a container of tracks: m_tracks, but I didn’t find a function to get track points of curvatures. Is there a way to get that?

I’m sure @hschindl can help you

I added a function in source code to get points in m_tracks, but seems no matter I change max range of step length the number of points doesn’t change.
Here is 1 GeV muon in 1T magnetic field trajectory, I didn’t draw wires but there is electric field also.

The points in m_tracks are just the coordinates of the clusters along the track (I’m afraid the parameterisations of the track segments are not stored). So what you observe is correct (the number of clusters per track length does not depend on the magnetic field and the step length).

Oh, that’s sad…Can you please tell me where the track trajectory parameters are calculated/obtained? So that I can add a function to save those.
I saw the ViewDrift.Plot() is using m_tracks to draw the trajectory though…

It’s done internally in Heed. I’ll need to check where exactly, but fear it won’t be straightforward to retrieve these parameters.

Yes, as I said, these are the positions of the clusters along the track.

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