How to get the status in TFitter


My code goes like this:

int main()
TFiter minuit = TFiter(6);
minuit->SetParameter(0,"Psi(Rz) ",-30
deg, 0.1deg, 0.,0.);
minuit->SetParameter(1,“Theta(Ry)”, 92
deg, 0.1deg, 0.,0.);
minuit->SetParameter(2,"Phi(Rz) ", 90
deg, 0.1*deg, 0.,0.);
minuit->SetParameter(3,"dx ", 0, 0.1, 0.,0.);
minuit->SetParameter(4,"dy ", 102, 0.1, 0.,0.);
minuit->SetParameter(5,"dz ", -7.5, 0.1, 0.,0.);

minuit->ExecuteCommand(“MIGRAD”, arglist, 0);
minuit->ExecuteCommand(“MINOS”, arglist, 0);

After the fit is there a way to return the fit status (“converged”, “failed”) from the object minuit? A member function like string GetStatus(), so that I can do minuit->GetStatus() is what I am looking for. And when I return the errors using GetErrors, those will be the MINOS errors? If I use rather Hesse, they will be the hesse errors? If I dont use anything Hesse is the default? And what are supposed to be the arguments in arglist?


If you are using the old Minuit API, the return integer value in ExecuteCommand should contain the error status.
Otherwise you can use TMinuit via the Minimizer interface that has a Status() method

see … mizer.html

and the example … ion.C.html

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