How to get the position signal of the proton

I want to get the position signal of the proton , it is like the Gauss distribution.

I guess @hschindl can help.

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It depends on the readout scheme of your detector and how you do the position measurement.

The simplest approach would be something like this:

  • For each cluster along a track, calculate the electron and/or ion drift lines and determine the electrode at which they end up.
  • Count the number of electrons/ions arriving at each electrode (= integrated collected charge at each electrode).
  • Calculate the measured coordinate using the collected charges and fill a histogram.
  • Repeat the same steps for each track.
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Thanks a lot for your reply and detail explanation
These procedure seem a little bit hard for me
Is there any examples for reference
The problem that the TRIM result notice killed error is still not solved, I will try to solve and would you please help to find the reason.

Thanks a lot for your reply and help.

I’m afraid I probably don’t have a ready-made example that matches exactly your application (also I’m not 100% sure what you want to simulate), but I’ve just added a simple example that illustrates how to simulate drift lines from a “TRIM track”:

You can remove/ignore the part concerning the weighting field/potential and the calculation of the induced current if you don’t need it.

Thanks a lot for your reply and help
The example is helpful and I want to get the current and proton position signal to compare which is the optimization result when I change different gas in the same condition.
My model is imported from the ansys ,I know it would be more complicated, a new weight lis files and maybe a transfer function to calculate the current ,So I will try to figure it out.
Thanks again

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