How to get the mean value of a RooFFTConvPdf?

Dear all,

I am working on RooFit but get stuck here. I need to do fits with a RooFFTConvPdf which is the convolution of a RooKeysPdf and a Gaussian distribution. The fit is fine but i do not know how to get the mean value (not the maximum) of this p.d.f. Also I want to find an interval around the mean value whose integration is 0.9973 (half, 0.9973*0.5, on the left side and half on the right). But without the knowledge of the mean of the p.d.f the further work seems impossible.

Thanks for help!


It seems my idea has some problems.

I have tried createHistogram from the p.d.f to get the mean value. Is there a better way to get it from the p.d.f directly?