How to get the EXYZ.txt file

I want to use the TRIM to generate the EXYZ.txt file and then import it to the Garfield++. However I found two problems, one is after running I don’t know where to save or find the EXYZ.txt file, the other is when I set the proton energy is 100Mev, the TRIM results would be empty, but if I set the proton energy bigger like 10GeV, then the result would be got.

Pinging @hschindl in case he’d like to answer.

I’m not at all a SRIM/TRIM expert, but (as mentioned in a previous thread) you can find some pointers on this page:

  • The EXYZ.txt output file is normally saved in the directory SRIM Outputs.
  • You need to specify the energy interval at which you want TRIM to save the ion’s position to the EXYZ.txt file.

Thanks a lot for your reply and help.
does the trim result mean the “event displays” of the proton tracks?

I have set the energy interval to 1000ev, but the result is still empty.

I have solved the problem now, just modify the Max target depth, thanks a lot for your help again.

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