How to get the estimated errors in input variables (ROOT::Fit::Fitter)

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I have some data points with associated errors in the form of std::vector, i.e. arrays x, y and errors.
I am using the ROOT::Fit::Fitter class and provide it with the fit function ROOT::Math::Functor. My question: is it possible to get the estimated errors in the input variables as an output from the fitting procedure ?!.

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I guess you would like to do a Least-square fit to your x , y and errors y points. In that case, you can use directly the TGraphErrors class or via the ROOT::Fit::Fitter you need to create and fill a ROOT::Fit::BinData object .
You can look at the example tutorials/fit/exampleFit3D.C tutorial


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Wonderful, thank you very much for this valuable information.

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