How to get the drift velocity under 100V/cm

i have used the medium::GetElectronVelocity to print the e velocity ,but the result under 100V/cm is always same. what should i do to calculate the velocity under 100V/cm?

I guess 100 V/cm is the lowest electric field included in your gas table. By default, the velocity below the lowest field in the table is assumed to be constant. You can change this behaviour using the function SetExtrapolationMethodVelocity. For instance, if you want linear extrapolation towards low fields and towards high fields:

MediumMagboltz gas;
// ...
gas.SetExtrapolationMethodVelocity("linear", "linear");

If you want accurate results for the velocity below 100 V/cm you should adjust the electric field range such that it covers all values you are interested in and re-run Magboltz.

Thank you for your reply!
Which function can I use to adjust the electric field range ? I haven`t found other function relating this or i need to change the head file


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