How to get TF1 as string?

Is there a way to get the current situation of TF1 after the fit as a string
to use elsewhere? I mean not just a general structure which is returned by
GetExpFormula() but that the same string with all the parameters
substituted by those actual values?

That depends what you want to store in the string.
You can always create a string, eg with

TString s = Form("%s=%g, %s=%g..",func->GetParName(0),func->GetParameter(0),func->GetParName(1),func->GetParameter(1),...));

No i mean something like:
for a function of type:
”[0]*(x>[1])+[2]*exp(-[3]*x)”, which is returned by GetExpFormula()

Your request makes sense. Thanks for this suggestion.
Now implemented in CVS. See … ExpFormula