How to get rid of Fitparameters-Box


Hi there,

I am fitting a graph in my program but I don’t want the fit box to be displayed
in my plot.

At the very beginning of my program I write:


but it still displays the Fit Parameters.

On the other hand
when I look under the cascade menu ‘Options’ the
’Show Fit Parameters’ Field is unmarked (It gets marked when
I switch to gStyle->SetOptFit(1).

To me this is a clear bug since gStyle->SetOptFit(0); should prevent any fit parameters
from being displayed (just like ‘opt nfit’ in good old paw).

BTW.: gStyle->SetOptStat(0); works fine

I am working with root 3.10/02 under Suse Linux 8.x .

Does anyone have a clue about the problem.

Thanks in advance,


Hi there,

forget about this topic. It was a stupid mistake in my program.