How to get Mouse Roller Event with gPad->GetEvent()?


In the ROOT macro attached, I am using ‘gPad->GetEvent()’.
This works fine for the mouse buttons,
except for the middle button “roller”.
This roller button delivers the value 12 when I press it,
but the rolling is not detected ?

My hardware/software system however detects
the rolling - it works for scrolling in windows, etc.

How could one detect the roller event ?

roller.C (300 Bytes)

Hi Dirk,

The scroll of mouse wheel is directly handled by the canvas GUI (used to scroll up/down the canvas (TCanvas) itself in the application window. In the ROOT GUI classes the mouse wheel scroll up is defined as kButton4, he mouse wheel scroll down - kButton5. You can see an example of their use in the $ROOTSYS/tutorials/guitest.C - method TileFrame::HandleMouseWheel(Event_t *event).

Cheers, Ilka