How to get ion mobility of DME

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I found the topic of getting ion mobility in this link " How to get the Ion Mobility file - Garfield++ - ROOT Forum (". However, there are no ion mobility of DME, do you know how to get the ion mobility of DME?
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I’m sure @hschindl will be able to help you

Hi, hschindl,is there some way to know the ion mobility of DME applied in the Garfield++?
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I had a quick look at the standard references

and didn’t find it there, but please have a look yourself if you find data for DME in one of these compilations.

Rob Veenhof found a value of 0.56 cm2/(Vs) for DME+ in DME. This could be a good starting point. You will need to write a new ion mobility file; you could use this one as a template:

Thanks very much for your reply, I check the four literatures again and no specification of DME.
I’ll try your reference value of 0.56 cm2/(Vs) in the simulation, but I worry about some difference of the value for large E/N.


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