How to get a TH1F from a TList

Good evening to everybody.
I have the following problem: using this code (I put only a piece of it) I save a TH1F into a TList object.
The TList is then saved in a .root file.

  fOutputList = new TList(); 
  DefineInput(0, TChain::Class());
  DefineOutput(1, TList::Class());
  hMass = new TH1F("hMass","DiMuon Mass",200,0,10);

Then I need to open that TH1F into an analysis macro.

How can I get the histogram?
To make the things easier I have attached the file containing the TList object (and the TH1Fs). (sample.root)
Thanks you in advance,
sample.root (16.1 KB)

You can do something like

   TFile *f = TFile::Open("sample.root");
   TList *list = (TList*)f->Get("chist");
   TH1F *hPt = (TH1F*)list->FindObject("hPt");


Thank you very much,

How can we get this in pyROOT?
There we do not define the type of the object from FindObject() function?