How to get a comprehensive list of possible minimizer and algorithm values for CreateMinimizer together with binding to responsible classes?


I am aware of the tutorial fit/NumericalMinimization.C which lists possible parameter values for ROOT::Math::Factory::CreateMinimizer, but I am not sure if the list is full/up to date. The CreateMinimizer method’s docs list the minimizers, but not the associated algorithms. Also from the parameter values it is not obvious which classes implement the minimizer, if one wanted to read the docs of a given minimizer to make a conscious choice of a minimizer for the given problem.

It would be nice to have a method like ROOT::Math::Factory::ListMinimizers() that would iterate available minimizers listing them together with supported algorithms and class names.

Btw., where is the Users Guide in pdf or html format? I am not able to find it on the web page. Was it deprecated at some point?



I agree it would be a nice things to have. I am not sure if this list can be obtained directly from the ROOT plugin manager. The actual plugins are defined in this directory of the ROOT distribution:


@moneta Thanks! What about the algorithms for each minimizer? If I go e.g. to ROOT: ROOT::Math::GSLMinimizer Class Reference I see “The varius minimization algorithms (conjugatefr, conjugatepr, bfgs, etc…)” so it doesn’t really specify the possible values for the algorithm parameter.

Good point. Yes, It would be nice to have a static function returning this list. They should also be documented in the corresponding Minimizer classes


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