How to generate vector<"heder file">. please help me out

___ Here I’m attaching the Error showing in terminal during running my root macro. I already made a header file name "MyEvent.h" . and used this header file to my root macro. But it shows this error plase help me how to get rid off this error.


Error in <TTree::Branch>: The class requested (vector<MyEvent>) for the branch "Events" is an instance of an stl collection and does not have a compiled CollectionProxy. Please generate the dictionary for this collection (vector<MyEvent>) to avoid to write corrupted data.

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You need to generate a dictionary, probably the simple example you could check here [1]

@pcanal do you have a simple example (e.g. maybe some modern example how to generate dictionary on the web page with explanation) to help here? Thank you in advance!


In the end of your “MyEvent.h” file, try to add:

#include <vector>
#if defined(__MAKECINT__) || defined(__ROOTCLING__)
#pragma link C++ class MyEvent+;
#pragma link C++ class std::vector<MyEvent>+;

Then try:

root [0] .L MyEvent.h++

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