How to format information and labels on histograms?

After creating a histogram plot (three histograms overlaid), I have been unable to figure out how to achieve precise formatting of the labels on the histogram (choosing which labels appear and which don’t, deciding the placement of the labels and textboxes and exactly what information does and doesn’t appear in them. I have looked at the documentation, tutorials, google, etc., and I have yet to find a reference on the problem clear enough to be useful. I am a complete newbie to ROOT, so I would appreciate a clear, detailed explanation if possible. Also, any good suggestions for other helpful (and well-explained!) ROOT resources would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you are a newbie, I strongly suggest to use the graphics editor to set/change the axis attributes.
Use a recent version of ROOT
Draw your histogram, graph, etc
Activate the graphics editor with the canvas “View” menu
Click on the axis you want to edit

Also see the many examples we provide in $ROOTSYS/tutorials.
I also assume that you have seen the Users Guide. If not see: