How to fit two Gaussians on two seperate peaks in a spectrum?

I have a spectrum of data (Sodium_22.txt) and I would like to fit the two peaks in the data to Gaussians. However, whenever I use the gaus option, my fit fails spectacularly, forming just a straight line at the bottom. How can the way my code is written now be modified to fit the peaks in my spectrum (and my other spectra data!)?

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ROOT Version: 6.22
Platform: Ubuntu 18.04

Sodium_22.txt (10 KB) Spectrum_fitter.C (2.6 KB)

Hi @Cepheides,
maybe @moneta or @StephanH can help.

Hi all. Here is the most recent version of my code and the result. I am trying to fit gaussian on the peaks and a user-defined linear or polynomial for the rest. How can the code be modified to achieve this.Spectrum_fitter.C (2.7 KB) sodium.pdf (19.7 KB)