How to fit an equation containing more that one variables?

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I have an equation that depends on more than one variable. I know that if the dependence is y=f(x) then I can use the TF1 function, e.g.,

TF1 *fit = new TF1("fit", "[0] + [1]* x + [2]* x* x");

However, in my case, I want to fit something like Z = p + q A + r B, where A and B are independent variables. As a temporary solution, I am using It fits parameters p, q, and r. Please let me know how I can do this with ROOT.


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  const Int_t n = 4;
  Double_t z[n] = {1., 2., 3., 4.};
  Double_t A[n] = {1., 3., 2., 6.};
  Double_t B[n] = {4., 5., 3., 7.};
  TGraph2D *g = new TGraph2D(n, A, B, z); // x = A, y = B
  TF2 *fit = new TF2("fit", "[p] + [q] * x + [r] * y");
  fit->SetParameters(3.5, 1., -1.); // reasonable initial values
  g->Fit(fit, "");
  // g->SetMarkerStyle(20); g->Draw("PCOL");

Hi, this worked!

But what if there are three variables? Should I change it to
TF3 *fit = new TF3("fit", "[p] + [q] * x + [r] * y + [s]* z");


I mean what to do if there are three or more independent variables? That is Z = p + q A + r B + s C, where A, B, and C are the independent variables and p, q, r, and s are the fitting parameters.

There is no “TGraph3D” in ROOT, so you will need to use a different approach, e.g.:

Another possibility would be to create a TH3? histogram and fit it with a TF3 fuction.

Hi Divyang, good to see that you problem is solved … for the moment. So what are going to do when you encounter a problem with 10 independent variables, use a TF10 or TH10 ?

What you are looking for is the solution to a linear regression problem. Implementations in ROOT vary from applying the linear algebra package to using roofit .


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@Eddy_Offermann Can you recommend any existing ROOT (linear algebra package and/or RooFit) macros?

Have a look at solve_linear.C. Adjust the variable nrVar accordingly.