How to extract Proof Sandbox directory path

Dear Proof experts,

I need add sandbox-related path into LD_LIBRARY_PATH before Proof session is started on worker nodes. Is there any method provided to extract sandbox directory path for a given Proof farm? Yes, I typed manually those information vin Proof INITCMD parameter, but I prefer to have an automatic way to look up. Thanks.


Hi Shuwei,

Starting with 5.34, you can get the sandbox path or worker, e.g., ‘0.5’ this way:

root[] proof->Getenv("PROOF_SANDBOX", "0.5")

Is this what you need?
Note that currently this call generates a spurious error message which I am fixing in the heads of the relevant repositories/branches.


Hi Gerri,

It works but with error message:

In fact, I need the top directory of Proof sandbox prior to the connection to the Proof farm. Is there anyway in TProofMgr to get this information?



Hi Shuwei,

No, TProofMgr does not have access to that information, currently.

Perhaps this can help you in finding a solution: … ide#putenv
See the example.
You could define a variable available before proofserv is started.