How to extract output data in .dat format from .root files?

Hello ,

I am working on a Particle physics simulation and need to plot a Photon Spectrum .
I need to extract data from the .root file .So I used ROOT browser to open the .root file but was unable to save the data in .dat format in which i can get x axis and y axis values .
Though I tried to save in ascii format ,in my case it saved as graph.dat file .
But when I open the graph.dat file it shows empty file .
Please tell how to convert .root files data to .dat or .txt file in which I will get the data in x axis and y axis .

Thank You

Geant4 Version:_PACKAGE_VERSION “10.4.2”
_Operating System:_CentOS LINUX
Compiler/Version: CPack ,Terminal
CMake Version: CPack

Try seaching this forum. This was recently asked:

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